Swirl Prep Sanitising Mouthrinse Mint (500ml)

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Swirl Prep Sanitising Mouthrinse
500ml Bottle

"As recommended in the Australian Dental Association document “Managing Covid-19 Guidelines” it states that: “ We recommend that prior to commencing treatment all patients should be asked to undertake a 20-30 seconds pre-procedural mouthrinse with 1% hydrogen peroxide mothrinse".

Swirl Prep Sanitising Mouthrinse is a pre-operative mouthrinse containing 1% Hydrogen Peroxide in a lightly coloured, lightly flavoured, freshening mint solution. It can be used before, during and after dental procedures to sanitise and freshen the mouth and breath.

•Ready-to use mouthrinse solution. No preparation necessary.
•Contains 1% Hydrogen Peroxide recommended as a pre-operative, sanitising rinse
•Does NOT contain alcohol or any suspect allergenic ingredients
•Light mint flavour to improve patient compliance and acceptance
•Contains slight blue, food colouring for identification of solution in use

Dispense approximately 20mL of solutions into a disposable cup. Ask the patient to swish for 20 – 30 seconds then spit.

Do not rinse with water after. Rinsing with water will dilute the sanisating effect.