Flexitime Dynamix HT Refill 1X2X380ml

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Kulzer Flexitime

2X380ml HT Refills

Flexible working time of 1:00 min (for single unit) up to 2:30min (multi-unit or implant): Intraoral setting time always 2:30 min

Relaxed precision. Every time

The innovative A-silicone with its special formula controls the polymerisation kinetics by oral temperature and sets rapidly only after insertion into the mouth. This flexible working time combined with an always short intraoral setting time takes the stress out of taking impressions.
Your material decision gives you more leeway which you may use according to your workflow What is more, the short intraoral setting time not only means a convenient and timesaving working routine for you but also sets your patients more at ease.
The balance of clinically relevant properties, such as dimensional accuracy, detail reproduction and hydrophilicity in Flexitime, achieves the highest precision and accuracy of fit. This is verified by numerous scientific studies and awards