GloveOn COATS Powder Free Latex Gloves

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  • Ctn 10 x 100 gloves

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Box = 100 gloves
Carton = 10 boxes

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COATS stands for Colloidal Oatmeal System. It is an innovative glove coated with all natural colloidal oatmeal USP, an ingredient recognized by the U.S. FDA as a skin protectant.
Enriched with oat beta-glucan, these gloves go further than merely protecting your hands, they keep your hands moisturized too.
It's time to say goodbye to dry and itchy hands, and hello to GloveOn® COATS the next revolutionary glove.
Both the COATS Latex & Nitrile exam gloves are first to be awarded the Australian Dental Association's Seal of Approval

• Powder Free, Non-Sterile
• Fully Textured
• Colloidal Oats Coated
• Standard Cuff
• Lime Green Colour