Optosil Comfort Putty 900ml

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Kulzer Optosil Impression Material - The Go-To Silicone Solution For Over 55 Years
Optosil has provided a proven solution since 1965, early on setting the standard for C-silicone impressions. The product range includes three individual versions – each tailored to the exacting demands of professional users, and enabling precise and durable reproduction of detail.

Handmix Tray material for 2-step technique, Sandwich technique, Functional border for functional impressions.

For bite registration
Detail-true reproduction
Easy mix with universal activator
Peppermint Flavour

Colour: Yellow
Mixing Time: 30s
Working Time: 60 sec
Setting Time In Mouth: 4 mins
Shore A Hardness 63

Use with kulzer Activator Universal Plus (66037443)