SealEDPLUS Fissure Sealant 2 x 2g syringe & 5 tips

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A light cured, radiopaque, fluoride releasing pit and fissure sealant designed to protect the fissures from bacteria that can cause plaque build-up.

Opaque colour with low viscosity and with superb flowable properties ensuring high penetration into the recesses of the etched enamel surface. Strong adhesion to tooth surface ensuring longevity of restoration.

Exceptional levels of mechanical strength and elasticity ensure high levels of product stability.

The fluoride releases during polymerisation and for several days after application providing maximum protection against caries.

Technical Data:

Adhesion to Enamel – 14.8 MPa
Flexural Strength – 84.1 MPa
Wear Resistance – 62 µm
Fluoride release after 24 hours – 2.52 ppm
2 x 2g syringes with 5 tips.