Xantasil Cartridge Fast Set (6 X 50ml Cartridge)

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6 X 50ml Cartridge

Alginate Substitute Impressively convenient.
Indication - Anatomical impressions for which traditional alginates would typically be used.

Such as
•impressions for temporaries
•orthodontic models
•opposing jaw models

Long-term dimensional stability
•More flexibility and convenience for pouring models without time pressure.
•Suitable for delayed pouring without loss of accuracy.
•Allows multiple pours from one impression.
•Improved detail accuracy compared to traditional alginates.
•Can be stored for several weeks.

High surface quality
•Optimised gypsum pouring behaviour.
•Minimised trimming of models and polishing of provisionals.

Low final hardness, high strain in compression
•Easy to trim the impression.
•Easy mouth removal of the impression.
•Easy model removal from the impression

Easy clean-up and disinfection
•Easy and thorough disinfection possible thanks to dimensional stability (no swelling).
•Few processing steps keep cleaning to a minimum.

Working time: 1:00
Time in mouth:1:30